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Spanish paperworks;
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Seguridad Social
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If you come from an EEC/EEA country you can stay in Spain for up to 3 months as a tourist. If you plan on being here more than 182 days then you must apply for residencia, which is "permanent living permission".
The new rules say that this applies only if you are not registered in Seguridad Social. If you wish, you can apply for a residencia card even if you are registered in SegS, as you can use the Residencia card as an ID. Retirees are required to apply for permanent living permission if they wish to stay over 182 days.

It is usually no problem to acquire a permanent living permission (Residencia), but the time it takes for processing is long, up to a year. You will get a temporary permission when you deliver your application (called Solicitud). If a family is applying and there is only one income, than you can apply for your spouse and children at the same time, if the children are dependent on their parents for support. The same rule applies for other family members, like parents that one has responsibility for.

All EEC/EEA residents who have income from work or receive a pension will automatically receive their Residencia. It will be valid for five years.

You will be required to renew it before it runs out. You can go directly to Alicante for your renewal. When you have your residencia you then have the same rights and requirements as Spanish citizens.

When you are going to live in Spain more than 182 days and are not registered with SegS as a student or working here.

What you need;
Application form in 3 copies, your passport plus 2 copies (minimum) 2 pass photographs with your name on the back, your original NIE number plus 2 copies.
If you do not have an NIE number, then it would be wise to deliver an application form for one at the same time. You will get your NIE number in a few weeks. If you don't than you will not get your NIE number before your residencia card is ready.

Your application forms are to be delivered to the national police station in your area. After a time you will get a letter telling you that your residencia application has been accepted and you have to go to the police station in Alicante (C/Ebanisteria No 6) , where you will be fingerprinted and you will sign papers. You will need to bring your passport plus 2 pass photos.
If you have changed addresses since you applied, you can still get your correct address on your residencia card if you bring your new proof of residency. After about 4 weeks your residencia card can be fetched at the same police station where you delivered your application.

Price as of Jan. 05; 6.31 euros - renewal 6.07 euros.


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