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Spanish paperworks;
NIE no
Seguridad Social
Empadronamiento ("padron")
Service Offices / Lawyers


Acquiring the necessary permission and papers in Spain can, at times, seem troublesome and often frustrating. But if you are aware of the way it works and at the same time are prepared, it will be much simpler. Some ask, "What is the advantage of registration here or there" but this isn't the point. In fact, there are a few things you are required to do if you plan on staying in Spain over a longer period of time. Besides, if you aren't careful you can find yourself in a difficult situation and run the risk of up to 12.000 euro in fines if you don't have the correct papers.

It can be confusing when everybody you talk to says something different about how this works, and that the rules are one thing, but what is put into practice can be something else again! However, it has gotten like this for a number of reasons; the rules and regulations can change in the EEC, but it takes time for things to change at the grass roots level in the different countries, communities etc.; some places there are more foreigners wanting to fill out special papers than other places, etc. In some cases, someone you know has experienced things one way, but when you come to the same office to fill out the same papers just a short time later, things have changed! But for the most part things are moving in a positive direction, things are getting simpler. It is, of course, a great help if you speak some Spanish as most of the people working in an official capacity don't speak anything else.

The documents you are required to bring in order to be able to obtain different official papers can change as well. It is ridiculous when, after standing in line all day, you find that when you do finally get to the window or desk, that you are missing one paper. They will almost never make copies for you at official offices, so a good piece of advise is to always have one paper too many than one too little! So; always bring copies of the documents you think you will need when going to official offices, in fact, more copies than you think you will need! They always need copies of your passport and your NIE number or your residencia card and if it is regarding a property, you will always need a copy of your deed, or "escritura". In many cases you will be required to bring copies of your Empadronamiento "padron", which you can get at the Town Hall.

Note; Always keep copies of your documents/papers and all your cards i.e. driver license, visa, NIE, residencia etc. It will get much easier to renew them if you should loose them!

© AICOM AS  We are not responsible for changes in rules and regulations. It is always wise to contact someone who has experience and is updated in the subject.

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